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Meeting Recaps:

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Q4 2021 - October 19

We were excited to host another in-person meeting at the always hospitable Woods Restaurant at Woodside Golf Course.

The evening began with the newly re-elected Mayor Peter Brown. The mayor kicked the night off with some remarks about volunteerism and the generous spirit of Airdronians. The past year and a half or so have really amplified the importance of supporting charitable organizations in our community and how the Airdrie 100 play an integral role.

After some door prizes, the first presentation was given by Bethany Airdrie.

Diane from Bethany talked about work done with previous winnings (a gazebo and outdoor visiting space) and how valuable and appreciated it was. Always great to see the impact our donations have had!

Next, Diane spoke about life at Bethany (pre-pandemic) where there was vibrant programming for seniors. COVID has made it near impossible to do the types of programming that helped create this atmosphere. The goal is to bring back joy and purpose and will aim to do this be renovating and update their art space. Would use $10,000 to replace flooring.

Next, Dale from the Airdrie and District Foundation presented.
Dale talked about the genesis of the foundation and how it is structured. The purpose is to create a pooled foundation of donated money to have a long-lasting, legacy fund that allows for supporting of community programs for years to come - a ‘forever legacy’.

In a change of pace, Dale downplayed any votes for this meeting but rather wanted to promote the Foundation, have members consider donating personally to the Foundation (which is possible in a number of creative ways), and promote things like their annual gala. The Foundation supports many of the same organizations that our group does so the hope was to promote and grow the Foundation further, outside of this meeting.

We strongly encourage you to check out the Foundation and consider donating or getting involved.

Lastly, Corey Mace presented on behalf of the Airdrie Food Bank and his own annual Turkey Drive initiative.

The Stampeders coach talked about his annual Turkey Drive that he started originally as a player with the Buffalo Bills and has continued to his time with the Stampeders. Corey fell in love with the spirit and vibe of the Airdrie Food Bank and the Airdrie Community in general. Much of the money raised has gone directly back into Airdrie. In fact, of the $33,000 generated last year, ~$30,000 went to Airdrie Food Bank.

Having money donated as part of the Turkey Drive means not just physical turkeys for Christmas dinner but money for the food bank to stretch that money for other things like supplies, food hampers, and other supports that last beyond Christmas Day. So Corey is hoping to use the funds from this meeting to directly support the Airdrie Food Bank.

Prior to the online voting, we were able to get an update from the previous meeting's recipient - Project Jack & Jill.

Lori talked about the impact of the previous donation. Normally their busy season for them is leading up to high school graduation. However, they’ve already had grads reaching out which is unprecedented this early in the year so the need is clearly there and our donation was welcome news.

COVID has also meant a cancellation of their annual fundraiser. This would normally torpedo their budget but the 100 Men donation means that they can stay on track with their normal planning.

As members were completing their online ballots, Darcy Forbes also spoke to the group. Darcy has been a member since Day 1. Inspired by a recent meeting, Darcy had an idea of trying to setup a sponsorship program to try and develop supplementary funds each meeting for the groups that do not receive the $10,000 donation each meeting. It sounds like a fantastic idea and stay tuned for more developments around this.

Finally, a quick online auction was held for a generous vehicle detailing package which was sold to Matt Carre for $400. This meant that we would have $11,700 to give away ($10,000 for the main recipient and $1,700 left over to divvy up).

After tabulating the votes, the members selected Corey. Mace's Turkey Drive and the Airdrie Food Bank as the Q4 2-21 recipient. Congratulations.

A quick note that the online vote also asked a question about including organizations that were not registered charities for future meetings. There was resounding support for this so, going forward, Q1 and Q3 meetings will be dedicated to non-registered charities. If you know of a worthy group, please pass them along!

I want to also thank the members and businesses that donated door prizes. These really go a long way in providing a nice bonus for our meetings and it's awesome to be able send so many people home with something extra. Thanks to the following donors:

Wilkinson Wealth
Tiger Propane
Ricki's All Day Grill
Jam's Restaurant
David Bowman Painting

Thanks again members! See you in 2022!