100 Airdrie Men | Be A Part of a Better Community.

How It Works


100 men commit to donating $100, and attending four meetings per year. To respect your time, the meetings are local and are kept short. However, they are also meant to foster the development of old friendships and the creation of new ones.


At each quarterly meeting, 3 local charities will give a short (up to 7 minutes) presentation on why they are the most deserving. Members will not know the charities until the night of the vote. Charities may present up to twice per year, at non-consecutive meetings.


Voting is done by secret ballot. Each present and contributing member gets one secret ballot.


Finally, the best part. The charity with the most votes will be immediately notified and all of the pooled funds for that quarter - up to $10,000!




It is an incredibly simple way to support local charities that need our help. It makes donating easy and incredibly impactful. As a bonus, you’ll get a chance to meet other men in your community that share your passion for making Airdrie a better place to live, work, and play.

Airdrie is a City of 65,000 people with many needs. We sincerely hope that in short order we’ll be collectively donating $40,000 per year to worthy charities.