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Q2 2022 - April 19

APARC - Airdrie

Thumbs Up Foundation

Project Linus

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Thanks to a big April snowstorm, we had a smaller in-person group at the Woods Restaurant, but there was still plenty of camaraderie, food, drink, and some pretty incredible odds for door prizes!

The meeting was kicked off by our gold sponsor - 2nd Generation Exteriors, led by member Brad Lambert.

Brad wanted to emphasize how important it was for small business to be able to contribute to things like 100 Men in Airdrie - it is essentially their marketing budget. Being able to find people who appreciate and support/shop local is the lifeblood of their business. Brad also noted how, while we might not be wearing masks, the impacts from the pandemic are still being felt by businesses. Your patience, understanding, and ongoing support is of tremendous help.

Aside from 2nd Generation Exteriors, we also had Silver sponsors: David Bowman Painting and Martin's Pest Control. Our sponsorship program allows for 'topping up' in the event we don't reach $10,000 as well as ensuring that no presenters leave empty-handed. If you're interested in being a sponsor, visit our sponsor page for more info.

Next we had our guest speaker for the night. Stu Ward - the familiar, moustachioed gentleman behind the bar of Balzac Craft Brewing - spoke to the group. Even though he tried to alienate everyone by talking about his affinity for the Edmonton Eskimos/Elks, Stu went on to tell his relatable story of ‘finding his way in life’. A self-proclaimed renaissance man, Stu talked about his various lives (from rancher to oil patch worker to golf pro to brewmaster) and how he only did things he felt ‘compelled’ to do. Of course, as many great ideas start, the brewery idea came up over drinks one night and gained steam at the same rate as the bottle of spirits started to empty.

As Stu thought more and more about it, it became something he was compelled to do. Airdrie was growing and becoming self-sufficient and not reliant on Calgary and that was the final signal to ramp up the brewery idea.

Despite COVID challenges, Balzac has held to the mantra of ‘do the things you are compelled to do’ and this has led to a wealth of community involvement, a hearty interest in their customers (and the stories that are only told to bartenders), and a love of creative brewing.

Pop in to Balzac Brewery when you have a chance - they have great beer and an in-house storyteller on staff!

After a round of door prizes, we had an update from our previous winner, the Airdrie Legion. The Legion were thrilled to tell us about how the 100 Men money has helped them provide two additional scholarships to students. Also, because COVID restrictions have impacted the Legion's normal activities and fund generators, the money has also helped offset rent and other Legion costs.

After more prizes, it was time for our presenters.

First up was APARC - Airdrie, which is the local pound and rescue centre. APARC has a wealth of programs to deal with a huge number of cats, dogs and other animals that come to their centre or are found roaming our communities. Funds would be earmarked for their relinquishment program, low-cost spay and neutering programs for low-income individuals and families, as well as medical treatment and re-homing of animals.

Next was the Thumbs Up Foundation. Thumbs Up was started after the founders' son committed suicide and believes that our society is only as healthy as the least healthy among us. They are trying to help people become a hero to their own stories by taking advantage of opportunities provided to them, and writing their own ending to their story.

It is heartbreaking but rewarding work to help individuals and families change their circumstance - supported by over 10,000 volunteer hours - as evidenced by their guest speaker (Bert) who told his story of overcoming addiction. There’s a good statistical chance that we all have a connection to someone with an addiction problem (or are experiencing addiction issues ourselves). Bert’s wife was the one who reached out to Thumbs Up and it was the first sign of hope they had felt for a long time. He talked about Thumbs Up’s mission of changing the perception of addicts and addiction as well as providing access to support groups and critical recovery services.

Finally, we had our original recipient - Project Linus. Presenter Kim talked about the heart breaking tale of a friend who had suddenly lost her husband and the father to their young children. The initial impulse was to hug them and tell them it would be ok. Ultimately, that is the goal of Project Linus: to make blankets that act as hugs to children and teens in crisis - from abuse, loss, and trauma.

Linus started with 20-25 volunteers (also called blanketeers), and 300 blankets. They've since grown to 75 blanketeers and 800+ blankets over the past 4 years, despite major covid restrictions. Much of that growth thanks to our original donation. Money will go to cost of raw materials and supplies.

For tonight's meeting, we had 102 paid members. In addition to our generous sponsors contribution, that meant $10,000 to the chosen charity - Thumbs Up Foundation and $1,100 each to APARC-Airdrie and Project Linus.

What a great night!

A massive thanks to our generous membership for their donation of door prizes. This meeting we had donations from:

  • Your Local Ranch
  • Tiger Propane
  • Balzac Craft Brewing
  • Airdrie Windshield and Glass
  • David Bowman Painting
  • Abe's Diner
  • Woodside Golf Course

Thanks again to our host The Woods Restaurant at Woodside Golf Course and thank you to our members once again!
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