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Q2 2021 - April 20

Airdrie Navy League

BGC Airdrie Club

For the second straight quarter, we were forced to hold our meeting virtually. And for the second straight meeting, our members proved that the lack of socialization would not deter their generosity.

In fact, the group surpassed last meeting's total and we're pretty sure we set a record for door prizes, so a huge thank you to the businesses and individuals that donated prizes (see a list donors at the bottom of this post).

We started the evening with an engaging story from Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie (who is also an active 100 Men member as well) who was able to sneak away from active legislature business to join us. He spoke about the importance of supporting our community and told a story that is familiar with a lot of us - being impacted by the local conditions and stories we encounter while travelling. It gives us both an appreciation of our own health and wealth while also inspiring us to help others. Thank you for your time, Peter!

Next, we had a virtual update from the previous meeting's recipient who shared their gratitude for our donation and what it has meant for their work. See their update below:

Speaking of past participants - the Bethany Centre in Airdrie was a recipient last year and put their funds towards an outdoor gazebo to be part of a space where residents could meet with friends and family in a space that meets their strict COVID restrictions. While they have purchased their material, they're asking for help in setting up the gazebo. There is a build party set for May 1 at 10am. All are welcome! Please arrive with masks and adhere to the guidelines they have in place for their facility.

After some door prizes and Zoom banter, we started on the presentations for our three nominees. Before I embed those videos, I just want to say how impressive these past two meetings have been. It is a lot of work on relatively short notice to put together a 5-minute video. We're all blown away1 by the effort put in by the charities and we really appreciate it.

1 Blown away, but not surprised - these groups are always exceeding expectations.

First up is the Calgary Search and Rescue Association (CALSARA) who, despite the name, provide support to the Airdrie and area folks by serving the areas we live, play, and vacation as well as assist in things like searches for missing people. They're looking to upgrade the 20-year old bikes they use in their searches. Check out their video below:

Next, they Navy League of Airdrie was up. They talked about the community service their members do each year and the programming they do to develop their cadets into upstanding citizens. Don't miss the decorated (and adorable) Chief Petty Officer Nawson (sp?) describing how they would use the funds:

Finally, the BGC Airdrie Club (formerly Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie) shared an enthusiastic video of kids who appreciate the environment that the club provides (particularly in the midst of a pandemic and the stress that's caused to kids and their mental health). Check out their submission below:

While we awaited the electronic voting, a bunch of door prizes were handed out. We were impressed to have 86 members vote, which is a great turnout for a virtual event. We also asked the group to vote on what to do with funds over and above the initial $10,000. The decision was made to split the excess money between the other two nominees.

So, for this meeting where we had an astounding 118 paid members (!!) it meant $10,000 would be awarded to one charity and another $900 to each of the other groups. Amazing!

The tallied votes saw the BGC Airdrie Club come away with the $10,000 prize. Congratulations to this great organization and thank you to CALSARA and the Navy League for all you do as well and for your excellent video submissions.

We are hopeful for an in-person meeting soon but we will hold off on any announcements as we see how vaccinations and government guidance rolls out over the next couple of months. We appreciate your patience and we will keep you posted on the website, via email, as well as our Facebook page.

I want to lastly thank the generous door prize donations. I should mention that these businesses are not handing out keychains or leftover promotional items. We had gift cards and donations between $50 and $250, so these are truly generous prizes. Thank you again!

  • All Fitts Auto (Brett Fitt)
  • All Source Electrical (Rick Kreis)
  • Davis Chev (Glenn Smaha)
  • Tires on the Run (Roger Foster)
  • Western TILTLOAD (Michael Robert)
  • Tiger Propane (Ron Chapman)
  • Martin's Pest Control (Billy Martin)
  • Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie
  • David Bowman Painting (David Bowman)
  • Chad Durocher
  • Matt Carre
  • Joe Dotto

Thanks again members! See you in July.